Private Sessions with Georgina

A privileged moment focusing on you.

Private sessions support you to become more self-aware, joyful, and at peace in yourself, your body, and your life.
They're helpful to navigate change and challenging life experiences.

Sessions are personalized according to your needs, intention, and capacity in that moment. 
Life is great and full of challenges, initiations and a few unexpected curveballs!
You deserve bundles of kindness.

I offer you a space for deep embodied listening, being and becoming.

At the core of my work are heart and compassion. My gift is to read your emotional-energetic body
and find
 ways that lovingly draw out your true essence, like a 'soul whisperer'.

You hold your own wisdom.
I'm happy to accompany you in connecting with your inner resources.  

Relax, feel, release, heal, forgive, accept,
open, expand, awaken, and transform
in the most easeful, impactful and meaningful ways for you. 



* Massage
* Sacred Bodywork
* Body, Heart & Soul Accompaniment
* Conscious Relationships & Intimacy


Je vous accompagne en Français aussi. Bientôt toutes les infos ici en Français!

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A sanctuary for rest and reconnection. 

Choose below from a variety of holistic, relaxation and therapeutic massages from 30 minutes to 1h45. 

(75 min - CHF 150 / 90 min – CHF 170)
A complete relaxation journey. I follow the natural pathways and landscape of your body and engage sensitively with your unique emotional-energetic reality. This supports tension release, relaxation, rest, and a sense of being home in your body again.
Recommended for: health & vitality, self-care, stress, poor sleep, overwhelm, fatigue. 

(90 min – CHF 170 / 105 min – CHF 190)
I combine many techniques to release physical, emotional and energetic tension, create spaciousness and flow, balance energy, and invite your body to relax, open and expand. You access your body’s innate wisdom, vitality, and ease.
Recommended for: aches & pains, rehabilitation, self-love, grief, anxiety, emotional-energetic imbalance, anxiety, rehabilitation, disconnect from self / body, health & vitality.

(75 min - CHF 150 / 90 min – CHF 170)
Adapted to your specific needs, this massage supports mind and body relaxation, and stimulates circulation and detoxification. It can incorporate dry brushing, lymphatic drainage, energizing strokes, energy balancing, foot reflexology, belly and head massage. 
Recommended for: during a fast or detox programme, seasonal changes, digital detox, mind overload, supporting recovery and rehabilitation from fatigue, burnout or periods of stress.

(30 min – CHF 70)
A personalized massage using a variety of techniques to relax back muscles and fascia, stimulate circulation, and release accumulated tension from everyday activities.

(30 min – CHF 70)
An effective way to release stress or anxiety and drift into gentle relaxation.  This massage is both physical and energy based.

(30 min – CHF 70)
Focusing on these common areas where you may accumulate tension. Offering some fast relief to support you through the day.

(45 min – CHF 100)

A combination of physical, visceral massage and energy-based touch to gently support your vital organs, digestion, emotional balance and inner peace.


BOOK A MASSAGE: +41 79 219 44 07


Intuitive holistic bodywork 
to engage with your body's multi-dimensional wisdom
– body, heart, soul and spirit.

Sacred Body work helps

> increase self-awareness and acceptance
> release emotions, pain and suffering, and support healing,
> improve health and vitality,
> create conditions for deep embodied rest and nourishment,
> explore new embodied experiences of safety, ease, and aliveness,
> feel more spacious, grounded, clear, inspired, relaxed and at home in yourself.

Sessions can incorporate a range of massage techniques, as well as
body talk, breath, movement, sound, and emotional-energetic resourcing.
Every session is unique and may be more active or passive.

(120 min – CHF 250)
To help you engage with feelings, emotions, and energy; ‘listening’ to the wisdom and needs of your body, heart, and soul. A variety of massage and bodywork techniques will support you to release tension, balance energy, and activate lifeforce. Positive new experiences of safety, freedom and aliveness in your body can allow for healing and nourishment, as well as inspiration to create new ways of living, loving, and relating. At least 2 sessions are recommended.
Recommended for: holistic health, embodiment, emotional distress and healing, spiritual crisis, grief, depression, anxiety, burnout, life changes, trauma, personal growth and empowerment, seeking body wisdom. 

(105 min – CHF 220)
I guide you through a sensual journey with essential oils, instruments, breathing techniques, voice, and touch for you to explore letting go and ‘waking up’, thus accessing more joy, sensuality, laughter, and life in your body. We begin by creating a field of intention, consent and safety and go at a pace that is right for you, so that this is an empowering experience of self-awareness and expansion. Trauma informed. No genital massage is involved.
Recommended for: mild depression, lack of touch, loss of pleasure or ‘joie de vivre’, low libido, fear of intimacy, healing from abuse, releasing emotions, enhancing sensitivity, creativity, health & radiance, self-confidence & self-worth. 

(120 min – CHF 250)
This is a safe and sacred space to release shame, emotions, disconnect or confusion around your body, your genitals, and your sexuality. It’s a personalized support process that can include dialogue, teaching, self-touch, embodiment practices, and / or massage, for you to heal things like body shame, loss of libido, numbness or loss of sensitivity, pain, fear of intimacy and sexuality. I support you to explore, reclaim and love your body. 3 sessions are recommended.
Recommended for: sexual healing and awareness, health and vitality, disconnect from genitals, anxiety or depression due to disconnect from lifeforce, building self-confidence and self-love, recovery from illness or operation, developing intimacy and sexuality. 

(2.5h-3h – from CHF 390)

This is a more advanced form of sacred bodywork for healing, awakening and manifestation. The recipient is actively involved in moving their own energy and must be able to hold embodied consciousness throughout. At least one prior session of sacred bodywork with me is necessary, and I may suggest a preparatory programme of sessions and practices. Please have a look at this video. More information available on request.
Recommended for: learning to surrender, receive and open, letting love in, expanding your emotional-energetic range, emotional release, embodiment and grounding, sexual healing and awareness of sexual energy, raising your vibrations, seeking body wisdom, relaxing into grace.


In order to understand your needs and objectives,
please complete this form when requesting Sacred Bodywork sessions.



Support through change, uncertainty, or a challenging time.  

There are times in life when you feel particularly squeezed, uncomfortable and vulnerable.

You may feel mental and emotional distress or pressure, alone and confused.
Perhaps you’re having difficulty accepting a situation, navigating a relationship,
or experiencing your body’s changes, symptoms, or reactions.

I support you to consult your body, heart, and soul,
to see and feel yourself and your situation in new ways.

Whereas your mind can be working overtime,
your body, heart, and soul will guide you to find clarity, acceptance, freedom, trust, power, and love.

With newfound access to your inner resources and understanding of your essence,
you can make choices that support and nourish you and your loved ones.

Receiving support at the right time is an act of self-love.


(Online or in person, 60 min - CHF 130 / 75 min – CHF 150)  
A safe and supportive space to talk things out, to navigate emotional or mental distress, confusion or overwhelm. We explore what's really going on for you, helping you drop in to feel more through your body. We get clear on any limiting beliefs, shadows and fears where your power may be locked. It helps you open space in your heart and mind, and re-connect to your well of compassion, clarity, and choice.

(120 min – CHF 250)
These sessions include embodied experiences, practices, rituals or bodywork, for you to have a direct experience of your body, heart and soul wisdom. Together we explore what is wanting to be heard and felt, completed and released, activated and enjoyed, loved and integrated. Some of the tools I use are breath, sound and movement, vocal expression, energy activation, emotional release tools, transpersonal, gestalt, tantric and shamanic tools. I may suggest reading, home practices or rituals.
Recommended for: difficulty with life changes and initiations, relationship or family-related problems, 
emotional or mental distress, spiritual crisis, grief, trauma, personal growth and empowerment. 



What People Say

"It was profound, supportive. It truly opened something in me. I felt so full in the best way possible and a very grounded feminine power. I have let myself make sounds regularly since, and feeling my rage has been so good. It prepared me for everything that happened in my life. I felt confident and in my power! So thank you Georgina, for so openly sharing your magic and supporting me."


"Georgina focuses not just on the body but on the mind and spirit as well. She listens and attunes her method to how she finds you, meaning it never feels routine. With her holistic approach, I always leave not only more relaxed but also energised, with an inner glow. This is the reason that have kept coming back over the years."


" Une session avec Georgina, qu’est-ce que c’est …Dans ces moments là, il n’y plus rien d’autre que chaque muscle qui se détend, qui re-prend sa place … une sorte de re-connection avec tout l’univers. C’est justement ça qui compte le plus pour moi et que je trouve si fabuleux chaque fois : cette détente physique qui amène la détente spirituelle. La journée peut être stressante, la semaine pesante, la fatigue lourde, un chagrin d’amour intense … je ne suis encore jamais re-sortie d’une session sans avoir un sourire radieux et en toute légèreté…"


"Je voulais encore te remercier pour ton écoute et ton soutien plus que bienveillant. Je me suis sentie entendue et rencontrée dans cet événement particulier qui m'a beaucoup marquée. Je ne me suis plus sentie seule, et le fait de reconnaître toutes ces émotions emmêlées ensemble m'a fait un bien fou. Merci, merci d'apporter toute ta sensibilité, ta joie et ton humanité à travers tes soins. "


"Georgina's work is unique and soul touching. She combines different aspects of bodywork, shamanic work and dearmouring into a flow where I can come into touch with my deepest wisdom and inner healer. She opens a sacred space where I can meet myself in a playful way, to open up to deeper levels of embodiment. She holds space with strong presence which allows me to be vulnerable and bring wounds to the surface where they can heal and disappear. When she is in her shamanic flow, I look in the eyes of a witch and hear the sounds of ancient wisdom which resonate with something deep within me. It was not the first and will not be the last session with this wonderful magician."


"I feel so taken care of. It touches me so deeply."


"Tu as des mains très généreuses. Ton toucher sait!"


Where I work

I receive you for private sessions at:

Centre Santé, Eveil et Vitalité
Rue de Couvaloup 24 (3ème étage)
1110 Morges

Access: Elevator available. Town centre, behind Manor. 5 mins walk from the train station. Underground parking: Parking Centre Ville SA. or allow 5-8 minutes walk from parking Parc des Sports. On street parking may not allow enough time.

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For massage sessions please call or send a message:
+ 41 79 219 4407

For other personalised sessions and programmes
- Sacred Bodywork 
- Body, Heart & Soul
- Relationships & Intimacy

>> please request a complimentary call below
>> please complete the questionnaire below



For all sessions other than massage
I ask that you respond to some questions in the below form (strictly confidential).
This is to ensure we are a good match at this time and
to help me best respond to your needs and expectations. 


Complementary insurance cover

I am a registered therapist with ASCA and my massages are reimbursed by certain insurance companies in Switzerland. Please check with your own insurance company.

Cancellation Policy

Out of respect for my time and commitment to you, and for others who could benefit from a session, no shows or bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full. Please advise by phone or SMS if you have to cancel. Thank you.

A touch of compassion

The power of human touch, a compassionate heart and a listening, non-judgemental ear, can be massive at a time in need. I am open to offering a donation-based session to someone genuinely in need at a specific time but challenged to pay the full amount. Contact me to discuss.

Work With Me To:

  • Relax deeply in your body and feel a deep sense of safety and belonging.
  • Release tension, burdens, limiting beliefs, and fears, both personal and transpersonal.
  • Reconnect to your heart's truth and soul's purpose.
  • Re-parent your inner child. 
  • Re-Source your innate health, joy, wisdom and love of life.
  • Reclaim the power hidden in your wounded, tamed, denied and disowned shadowy parts. 
  • Restore your vitality by releasing trauma, frozen, blocked and stagnant energy.
  • Reignite your passionate, sexual, wild nature, and innocent pleasure. 
  • Relate with the world authentically and lovingly.
  • Reveal ease, clarity and courage through major life changes, rites of passage, and emotionally challenging times.
  • Remember feeling worthy, integrated and whole.
  • Remember what's important for you. 
  • Remember your true nature.

Prefer a customised retreat ?

I organise customised retreats and transformational experiences for individuals, friends and intimate partners.

These can be in your own home, in a rented house or retreat centre, in Switzerland or abroad. Retreats can be arranged for one day or up to 7 days, according to your needs and wishes.

I work in partnership with Benjamin Ries especially for intimacy retreats and men's work, but also for amazing conscious food.


Contact me to co-create your ideal retreat

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