Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles

To consciously honor the sacredness of your womanhood is a noble path that acknowledges the gift and responsibility it is to be in a woman’s body today . Aho sister!

Feminine wisdom is non-linear, non-conceptual, embodied and collaborative. 

Yep! Sometimes this 'wisdom' feels messy, out of control and destructive. Sometimes soft, sensual and unconditionally loving. Sometimes deep, ancient and powerful. Sometimes sexy and playful.

With the support of other women, coming together in genuine sisterhood, we can create a safe space to explore the full range of our intense emotions, the depth of our vulnerable power, and the unlimited forms of expression of this wisdom. We’re really not so crazy and different after all, and we're not here to walk this path alone!

When we no longer fear our own nature as woman, we stop projecting that fear onto others. When we call back the energy and power we've given away and let disperse, and when we claim all that we are, we can direct our life force toward realizing our potential. When we do this together, we learn to live as custodians of Sacred Feminine wisdom for the benefit of others and our planet. 

"Very uplifting, connecting. A truly soul-nourishing experience. "


What are the Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles?

In short, these are a series of women’s circles or gatherings, facilitated by Georgina, live or online, where you journey with a small group of women, usually for an agreed period of time.

Some offerings focus only on the Circle, while others also include sessions of feminine embodiment practices like yoni yoga, shakti activation, emotional release tools and womb wisdom meditation, as well as group exercises to create awareness and connection.

The Circles offer space for learning, support, self-awareness, nurturing, healing, empowerment, liberation and embodied awakening, based on clear agreements and a strong, safe container.


Circles offer space to:

  • explore being and becoming all it means to be you and to be woman, today.
  • cultivate genuine sisterhood and community where each woman is truly seen, felt, heard and honoured.
  • support each other to meet life’s challenges, trust life, heal and release old limiting beliefs.
  • activate your shakti, engage your emotional energy, connect with your womb wisdom and embody your feminine essence.
  • champion each other to become fully alive and radiant in our female bodies, love who we are, express our needs and our boundaries, and share our gifts.


During these gatherings Georgina engages compassionately and powerfully with you to help deepen your connection with yourself, your body, your truth, your needs and others.

Using the wisdom of circle and support of sisterhood, Georgina guides you to access greater levels of embodied wisdom, aliveness, authenticity, radiance, joy, intimacy, confidence, and compassion to use in your everyday life.

Very real, individual and collective themes naturally emerge in the space and we meet them together in community. You’ll learn a huge amount about yourself, love and conscious compassionate living through direct experience.

Coming together in Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles at this time is a practice of grounded and embodied spirituality for everyday living, at a time when our communities and this planet desperately need powerful, conscious and compassionate women.  

Who are these Circles for?

Open-minded, kind-hearted and vibrantly alive women, inspired to be the change through the way we live, lead and love.  

Awakening women, committed to personal growth, who know that we have to do the inner work if we want to see change in our outer world.

Authentic women, perfectly imperfect and doing our best, showing up with our wounds and warts, our disconnect and our confusion, our fears and doubts, our dreams and desires, and our willingness to see ourselves.  

How do I begin?

Join us for an online Circle once a month, a half-day Circle and Feminine Embodiment experience, or a series of Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles.

Check the list below and the Calendar 

This way you can experience for yourself the fundamentals of co-creating safe and sacred space, and engaging in conscious, heart-centred communication with a small group of women. 

Next dates for Circles

You will find full details for each programme and the relevant inscription forms within each drop-down menu below.

If you're interested to know more about the project and experience a circle, we invite you to join one of the virtual Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles - a community connection call that we have once a month. 

During these circles we open sacred space together, create safe space through powerful agreements, and explore what it means in our everyday lives to be "Living Sacred Womanhood".

These calls are led by Georgina and are not recorded.  Georgina will also answer any questions you have about the project, upcoming gatherings and retreats and how to engage in circle. 

All women are welcome, including newcomers interested to join a circle or gathering coming up. 

Dates and Times : 
Wednesday 16 January at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 6 February at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 13 March at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 17 April at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 8 May at 8pm (CET)


We use ZOOM. I will send the link to login to those who register. You can download Zoom in just a few minutes before we start the call. 

[email protected]

This Series is a beautiful initiation into your Sacred Feminine wisdom, suitable for newcomers and those who have experienced Circle before and are looking for more opportunities to practice, to explore and express.

You will be learning powerful, awakening and soothing feminine embodiment practices, yoni yoga, shakti activation, emotional release and womb wisdom meditation. We will be taking time to better understand the dynamics and potential of circle to really know ourselves and support each other. 

* Explore all it means to be woman, today
* Activate your mature masculine 
* Raise your Shakti life-force
* Engage your emotional energy
* Expand into receptive stillness
* Connect with your womb wisdom 
* Champion each other to be Warriors of Compassion

Roughly half the session will be embodiment practices and half the session in circle. 

Inscription form:

Yoga Moves Nyon

Dates & Times for Circles:
Saturdays, 14h00 - 17h00
26 January 
9 February 
16 February
16 March 

BONUS Online trainings are also included for those taking part is the whole series.

Dates & Times for online trainings: 
Thursdays, 20h00 - 21h30 
17 January
24 January
31 January
7 February
* Online trainings will be recorded.

CHF 240 * (for the full series)
CHF 70 per session
or CHF 60 each when you come with a friend
CHF 50 for the 4-part online training only 

* This price includes:
- 4 live training dates facilitated by Georgina,
- 4 online trainings with Georgina, 
- recommended home practices in between meetings, 
- inclusion in the project's mailing, with dedicated invitations to all future Living Sacred Womanhood gatherings, circles, trainings and retreats,
- membership of project's secret facebook page and ongoing virtual circle of support and inspiration.
free monthly virtual circle connection calls.

Inscription form:

If you are interested to participate but don't yet see a date or a programme that suits you please contact me directly. 

There may be circles forming naturally, live or online, outside the announced programme amongst smaller groups of women. 

There may be some opportunities where you can just 'drop-in' to have a first experience. 

Contact me directly: 

[email protected]
+41 79 219 4407

Further Trainings, Circles & Gatherings

If you feel aligned with the Living Sacred Womanhood project once you've experienced the field we create together in the Circles (including the agreement field) you’ll be invited to  join the project's online facebook group and mailing for more intimate sharing, inspiration, support and sisterhood.

This is an ongoing virtual circle and sacred space, where Georgina shares regularly, and all women are invited to actively engage in co-creating initiatives in line with the project's values. We also have free monthly online connection calls.

You'll be first to hear about further thematic trainings, circles, ceremonies, retreats, and other community gatherings.

Warriors of Compassion

Becoming a Warrior of Compassion describes the process of embodying power and presence, courage and compassion in your daily life, and especially in moments of discomfort.

Now is the time that we women need to lean-in and show up, to listen, feel and speak up, to open our hearts, support each other and take inspired action. 

It’s your own inner warrior that holds you safe to do all of this.

Learn More about this Programme

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