Sacred Touch


Massage &
Sensual Relating Skills
for couples




Want to nurture your relationship and spend quality time together?


Would you like a common language to better support each other and share more intimacy?

When you’ve got busy lives, kids, ageing parents, passions, hobbies and life’s ups and downs, it’s easy to find yourselves trying to navigate disconnect more often than cultivating meaningful connection.

“How to relax into intimacy when you feel disconnected yourself?” you might say, or “How to find a meeting point that works for both of us?”.

It’s true that tension, fatigue, expectations, and disappointments build up, and you can get stuck in routine, whereas deep down both of you are really longing for more connection, love, passion, and play.

Sharing Sacred Touch is a playful, practical, and pleasurable shared learning experience to help you (re)connect and build intimacy with your partner through deep listening, conscious touch, and sensual relating.



All your worries seem lighter when you’re deeply nourished in your body and you feel connected to yourself and your partner, right?

You become this radiant, confident, loving being again. 
You’ve got more patience, creativity, and compassion.
And everyone around you benefits from it too!

The purpose of your relationship is to love and support each other to be the happiest and healthiest versions of you.

Conscious touch is one of the most profound languages of love you have (free of charge and always available!) to share together to come back into connection, ease and joy.


You will go home with ...

  • new skills and practices to weave more sensitivity and intimacy into your daily relating,
  • a better understanding of your own and your partner’s needs and desires, and
  • renewed confidence in your capacity to soothe, nourish and pleasure your partner through touch.

This course is not about learning each move of a one-size-fits-all massage protocol.

It’s about opening your heart and body to share meaningful moments of connection through touch.

Develop your listening. Enhance your sensitivity. Open your hearts to more intimacy.


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Your Guide ... 

I'm Georgina Laiya Peard

Yup, touch is my language of love, and my art. I took my first massage course in 2004 to help me get over a breakup and continue to share love with friends and family. In 2010 I became a professional massage therapist and over the years have kept training and exploring many modalities, as well as deepening my own capacity for embodied intimacy. With over 7 years exploring Tantric Shamanic Temple Arts I have developed my own signature offerings of Sacred Bodywork and Rituals.

Sacred Touch comes from a deep place of respect and devotion within, connecting body, heart and soul. I'm highly aware that many of us have not always been respected and loved in our bodies, and this creates disconnect, shame and suffering. 

I believe our bodies are so wise in guiding us home to ourselves, to connection, love and freedom. I wish for everyone to enjoy the gift of their embodied love and sensuality.

I love to share this with you.




  • Short transmissions, explanations and demonstrations, with a relaxed atmosphere for customising to your needs.
  • The majority of time will be practical and experiential.
  • Short games and exercises to build safety and embodied self-awareness, develop connection, enhance sensitivity, and explore the senses.
  • Protocols to help you share about your needs, desires and experiences. 
  • Guidance on how to move with disconnect, emotions and triggers.
  • Demo and practice of different types of touch and massage strokes for different effects.
  • Ways to increase your pleasure.
  • Customised guidance and support for each couple as needed. Each body is unique and Georgina can help you better understand yourself as giver and receiver and your dynamic.
  • Group sharing and learning around questions, insights and revelations.

Touch is a language of love.


How will we create a safe and relaxed environment for intimacy?

It is vulnerable to explore the topic of intimacy within a group. It is super supportive for couples too!
  • The course is for a small group of couples (max 5 or 6 pairs).

  • You must come with a partner and will exchange only with your partner.

  • We will create agreements as a group and within each couple.
  • Each couple will have a mattress (or a massage table on request) and you will work within the intimacy of your space and what is true to your needs. 
  • You will choose the extent to which you participate and how you participate in each aspect of the course.
  • You will cover your body with sarong / towels for massage. There are changing rooms and showers. 
  • This course focuses on connection through sensuality. It does not include massage of the sexual organs or sexual exchange.

How could this benefit your life?


  • Learn something new together to weave into your everyday life.

  • Find a common 'language' for connection through touch.

  • Learn how to create safety for more intimacy.

  • Enhance your sensitivity and sensuality.

  • Discover touch you like and practice asking for it.

  • Listen to each other’s needs and desires.

  • Explore how to navigate disconnect.

  • Open yourselves to expressing and sharing more embodied love. 

  • Practice ways to enhance your pleasure.

  • Let love in.


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for Couples

6 & 7 May 2023
Rolle, Switzerland

Sat 6 May - 14h00-17h00
Sun 7 May - 10h00-16h00

CHF 500 for 2 people

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Introduction - Saturday Only

6 May 2023
Rolle, Switzerland

Sat 6 May - 14h00-17h00

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