Warriors of Compassion

Warriors of Compassion is a programme for women as part of the Living Sacred Womanhood Project

Warriors we are. Warriors we must be.
Warriors of the Heart - leading a Compassion R-Evolution 

Now is not the time to stick our heads in the sand or retreat to the caves to meditate. We don’t need to improve ourselves, to work harder or to have more knowledge to be ready.

Now is the time that we women need to lean-in and show up, to listen, feel and speak up, to open our hearts, support each other and take inspired action. 

It’s your own inner warrior that holds you safe to do all of this. Many women think they are too masculine and want to express more of their feminine essence. It's only when you have developed your inner warrior and feel this strength and trust deep within yourself, that you can be and explore all of yourself, open your heart to feel more, show your vulnerable power and share your most essential feminine wisdom, for the benefit of all.

Becoming a Warrior of Compassion describes the process of embodying power and presence, courage and compassion in your daily life, and especially in moments of discomfort.

Perhaps it’s the discomfort of expanding outside your comfort zone and daring to follow your dreams. Perhaps it’s the discomfort of starting a new relationship or ending an old one. Perhaps it’s the discomfort of meeting change, illness or loss, betrayal or abuse.

Let’s be honest, you can’t buy any products or personal development retreats to take away the fact that life can be difficult and painful and is constantly changing.

It’s all too easy to deny and by-pass discomfort, to let your inner critic run wild, and to project the responsibility outside yourself. These strategies, however, keep you stuck, disconnected and suffering.

Staying present through discomfort can crack your heart open to love, to humility, and to your purpose in life, if you allow it. It roots you deeper into your own power, wisdom and truth.

I'm ready to awaken my Inner Warrior!

Warriors of Compassion stand for authenticity, integrity, respect, compassion and freedom

Warriors of Compassion embody soft and wise power cultivated through:

  1. self-awareness, self-love and full commitment to yourself,
  2. taking full responsibility for your life,
  3. pure presence and deep listening,
  4. speaking your truth and acting with integrity,
  5. acknowledging the vulnerability of your humanness,
  6. embodying power and consciousness,
  7. integrating the mature masculine and feminine within,
  8. respecting the sameness and difference between us,
  9. humbly surrendering to the great intelligence and mystery of life, and
  10. using fierce compassion, laser focus and light touch for big transformation.

What is the Programme?

Warriors of Compassion is a women's exploratory experience and training programme where we create a safe space together for you to awaken and develop your inner warrior, in order to trust yourself and Life deeply. The journey will be unique for each woman.

Its first and foremost an inner r-evolution, with outward consequences. It’s about aligning with yourself, aligning your inner and outer worlds and becoming the change you want to see in the world, through conscious choices and compassionate relating in daily life.

There’s a lot of suffering in our world right now. You may be feeling this in your own life, with family and friends, across certain groups of society or the natural planet. For women who care deeply, it can feel devastating and overwhelming. It takes warrior spirit to stay present to feel all of this and stay open, joyful and free in your heart. 

We need each other for this. We can’t just read about it. We need support to build resilience and inner strength. We need real life situations to meet our resistance and create new positive experiences of authentic connection and compassion.

What's involved ?

From January to May 2019, the programme includes 11 live gatherings and 3 or more bonus online trainings. All are facilitated by Georgina.

During our live meetings we:

  • create a strong agreement field
  • open safe and sacred space for connection, healing, awakening, and transformation
  • explore a new theme each week
  • use many practical exercises, solo and together, to develop embodied self-awareness
  • explore practices to awaken and train our inner warriors
  • challenge conditioning, beliefs or patterns that create suffering
  • practice expressing ourselves, our needs and boundaries, and standing for what we believe
  • hold loving space and celebrate each other
  • share experiences and feedback

In between sessions there will be some suggested reading and online training, to support the process. The secret facebook group will also be available for sharing, asking questions and seeking support.


Click the drop-down menu below for all dates and logistics.


Dates & Times for Trainings:
Mondays, 19h15 - 21h45

21 January 
28 January
4 February
11 February
18 February
4 March
11 March
18 March
1 April
6 May
13 May  

BONUS Online trainings are also included in this series.

Dates & Times for online trainings: 
Thursdays, 20h00 - 21h30 
17 January
24 January
31 January
7 February
* Online trainings will be recorded.

English is the main language. Some women prefer to express themselves in French and need some words translated, which is fine, but it's important to understand English. 


CHF 450 (for the full series, live and online).
Minimum 5 sessions: CHF 265.
From 6 - 10 sessions, CHF 45 per session.

This price includes:
- 11 live training & circle meetings facilitated by Georgina,
- 4 bonus online trainings with Georgina, 
- recommended home practices in between meetings, 
- inclusion in the project's mailing, with dedicated invitations to all future Living Sacred Womanhood gatherings, circles, trainings and retreats,
- ongoing membership of project's secret facebook page and ongoing virtual circle of support and inspiration.


[email protected] / +4179 2194407

How can this help me ?

Your Inner Warrior of Compassion can help you meet and grow through any of life’s challenges such as:

  • Bringing your unconditional loving presence to anyone who is suffering
  • Owning and expressing your truth with fierce compassion
  • Forgiving yourself and others, and drawing medicine from your wounds
  • Daring to feel and think differently, and share your unique creative wisdom
  • Meeting inner 'demons' and shadows
  • Experiencing your own physical disability or illness
  • Transitions such as children leaving home, menopause, or retirement
  • Navigating relationships, love, intimacy and sexuality
  • Grieving loss of a loved one or a relationship
  • Going beyond your fears and doubts to show up, big
  • Witnessing violence and abuse in the world
  • Witnessing the destruction of Nature
  • Feeling the insanity, inequity and disempowerment of the systems we live in



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