The Descent into Embodied Feminine Wisdom

& Self-Empowered Leadership


2 - 6 February 2022, near Neuchâtel, Switzerland


A residential retreat for heart- and soul-centred women awakening through the immense power of their embodied love.


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For the woman who feels

the ache of longing deep inside her,

to move beyond the limiting comforts of the known,

to dance naked in the Mystery.


For the woman who knows

that the answers lie within 

and that freedom is found by letting go and leaning in

to the full palette of experiences, here and now. 


The descent

into the deep feminine current of life 

is a courageous and intimate path 

to wholeness, belonging, pleasure

power and embodied love.


This is your invitation

to journey into the core of your being

to rest, release, expand, live, lead, create

and rock this sacred life 

following your wild loving nature. 


Through a combination of Somatic, Yogic, Tantric, Shamanic, and Circling approaches, you will explore how to:


  • connect with your body, nature, and community, 
  • release attachment to old wounds, identities and limiting beliefs, 
  • nurture inner safety, trust and confidence,
  • reactivate life-force, inner fire and vitality,
  • express your vulnerable and authentic self,
  • navigate change and transformation, 
  • rest into uncertainty and mystery,
  • live in alignment with your heart-womb wisdom, 
  • reveal your unique essence, and 
  • share your love, truth and gifts in the world.

Finding Light in the dark 

This programme is created to accompany you as you journey with the unknown of life, with changing circumstances, and with the complex landscape of your inner world. The energy of loss and change is very present for all of us right now. The winter season, right on the cusp of Imbolc, with new shoots of life appearing, supports our exploration of death and rebirth.

The intention for this retreat is to tune into your inner resources to move forward even when the human tendency is to stay in a known place. Your life may not be all you want right now because you're stuck in limited options and beliefs, and not feeling the multitude of possibilities. Together we’ll explore the stories that hold you back, dim your light and make you feel less than you are.

Retreat Logistics ➡

We’ll be working with the body's intelligence, with personal and transpersonal energies, to release outdated patterns and beliefs, deepen into your womb - heart wisdom, engage your creative life-force, and rise rooted in self-empowered leadership and love.

There are times in life when you just know. You and the universe work magic together to be where you need and want to be. No obstacle is too big!

Is this for you? 


  • You’re on a path of personal awareness or spiritual awakening for some time, now looking to deepen in your heart, womb and body, and anchor this in your everyday way of living.
  • You feel called to relate more intimately with yourself and others. 
  • You’ve experienced life events, losses, role and/or body changes that are calling for integration or transformation.
  • You’re deeply touched by life, others and by the situation in the world and you want sacred space for you to care for your heart and soul.
  • You want to cultivate greater resilience, ease, meaning and direction from your experiences and gifts.
  • You want to experience your full aliveness, feel confident, grounded and aligned with your inner knowing. 
  • You want to feel empowered with approaches, tools, practices and ways of relating, to help navigate life with more self-leadership.
  • You want to open to more love and compassion and be an example of this.






The Power of women gathering in sisterhood is immeasurable.  Together each woman reclaims her own natural Queendom

Your simple presence matters!

This is an intimate small group experience for up to 8 heart- and soul-centred women, already on the path of embodied awakening. You’ll be journeying deep together - supporting, reflecting, challenging and celebrating each other; each from her own Queendom and through her unique expression of life.


Explore a more expanded experience of who you are, why you are here and how you relate to the world.


The Retreat Logistics

2-6 February 2022


Check-in - Wednesday 2nd February at 1 pm

Opening Circle - 2.30 pm

Completion - Sunday 6th February at 4 pm


The Venue

Our 'home' is a small and intimate retreat venue on the edge of the forest, with lots of loving and magical touches, beautiful gardens and stunning views. We’ll gather in a wood-heated yurt, like a perfect cocoon or womb space for our journey. There are 2 rooms with 2 beds, and 1 room with 4 beds. 1 communal cosy space and 1 large shared bathroom for the group. 


Retreat Price

Regular Price: CHF 1111 

* See payment plan & low income options below.

What's included:

  • All coordination, teaching, facilitation, coaching and accompaniment from Georgina and Marija for 5 days.
  • Shared accommodation (2 x 2 beds, 1 x 4 beds in one large room) 
  • Vegetarian, high vibrational, conscious food during the retreat by our own wonderful private chef, Mirjam
  • Pre-retreat preparation material (for journaling and reflection)
  • 1 post-retreat online integration call with Georgina & Marija



* Payment Options

We understand that we’re in a transition period in relation to money in our society. Not all beings have access to the same financial means at all times, and yet we still all need to exchange through money too. We feel that the spaces we offer should be open to those who feel the call and are in the right position vibrationally. Therefore, we propose a sliding scale. Please check in with yourself around your financial means, with conscious awareness of how valuable this is in your life. If you have no possibility (even through a payment plan over an agreed time frame) for the regular price, we propose a low income minimum amount. 

Low income price: CHF 890

Payment is due by the 19th January 2022. Please ask if you need a payment plan.

What will we do?

The Programme

Our days will include different types of meditation and embodiment experiences, working with yin and yang (feminine and masculine) energies; activating, moving and engaging energy and emotions; as well as rituals to honour and co-create with this life-force. It’s through the body that we’ll journey, creating space and exploring how it is to listen to a deeper intelligence. We’ll be sharing some theory and concepts with you, as well as myths to support the deeper journeying. Sharing our personal queries, feelings, needs and revelations will be of huge support for each other. As will Nature


Unlearn to remember

Come prepared to unwind, release, come undone, unlearn, transform, crack open, reveal, remember, and rebirth. Let yourself be confused, vulnerable, surprised, powerful, wild. Come to rest, dance, cry, sing, move, vibrate in love, and remember who you are on a deeper soul level and on a human embodied level. 

Your Guides ... 

Georgina Peard

Georgina is a massage therapist, shamanic-tantric bodyworker, embodiment and intimacy guide, circle coach, group facilitator and mentor. She creates powerful transformational experiences for men and women to support a deepening sense of safety, compassion, belonging and freedom in the body, in relationship, in community, and on the Earth. Since 2011 Georgina is committed to sharing her experiences, gifts and wisdom through private sessions, workshops, ceremonies, circles, community experiences, retreats and transformational group programmes in Switzerland and internationally. 

& Marija Kocijasevic 

Marija is a licensed psychotherapist (European Certificate of Psychotherapy), ICF certified coach and kundalini yoga teacher.  Supporting people and seeing them blooming into their wholeness is her passion. Her commitment is to facilitate more self-awareness among people and accompany them towards a more purposeful, meaningful and joyful life. She is trauma informed in all approaches to her work with clients. Last decade she travelled the world and connected with leading teachers increasing her tool box in the field of mindfulness, embodiment, somatic experience, trauma integration, sexuality, intimacy and relating.


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