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Calling wild and wise women 

As women we thrive on just the right amount of connection, with self, others and nature. It’s an ancient and shared tradition amongst women worldwide to gather to share, sing, dance, laugh, cry, and especially to listen to the wisdom that arises through our bodies and the Earth.

Magic happens when we gather, we circle, and we attune to Life.

We gather to celebrate life, sisterhood and our sacred womanhood. We gather to listen deeply and feel what’s alive in our community and what’s possible when we build heart-centred connections.

Embodied Feminine Leadership emerges from the deep well of wisdom within us when in a field of safety, love and resonance. It’s empowering, creative, collaborative and compassionate. Let’s see how we can support each other, surrender to allow creative emergence, and doula a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.


As women we thrive on collaboration and co-creation,
resting back into the support, and lifting each other up.

Events & Gatherings


Embodied Feminine Wisdom Immersion

8 - 10 September 2023
Residential retreat

Jura Neuchâtelois, Switzerland

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Samhain Ceremony & Mixed Community Gathering

29 October 2023
17h00 - 19h00 

In the forest near Genolier, Switzerland

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Love from the Yoniverse Retreat

17 - 19 November 2023
Residential Retreat

Jura Neuchâtelois, Switzerland

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Let's raise each other up and co-create.

We would like to keep fuelling an ignited field of resonance among us women who are committed to love and a very grounded, embodied form of spirituality through changing times.

Let's lean into each other, allowing ourselves to be held in moments when it's needed.

We are creating opportunities and spaces to:

  • meet and connect with old and new friends and like-hearted women locally;
  • co-create, enjoy, and celebrate life, our womanhood and sisterhood around seasonal rituals together;
  • share about our lives, our spiritual journeys, our dreams;
  • support each other through times of change, uncertainty and transition;
  • allow to emerge and be available to doula the goodness that wants to ripple out all around.

Let's create together our joint vision for us women who are committed to engage with our senses, claim our voice, listen to our intuition and allow feminine wisdom to make this world a better place. The new world is in need of awakened women to share their gifts as medicine.

Let's celebrate life and build a strong web between our hearts that only love can overflow.

Wild & Wise: Elemental Woman Gathering

13 May 2023, 14h-18h
in the forest, near Gland

We will put Nature at the heart of our connection today, offering gratitude, reSourcing, listening deeply, and attuning to the elements.

Our programme includes, awakening our senses, shamanic medicine walking, storytelling and circling, creating nature mandalas, drumming, sharing food and song around the fire.

This will be a co-creation emerging from our connection with the elements.


  • CHF 10 (low income)
  • CHF 20 (regular)
  • CHF 30 (support)
  • Food to share around the fire.

Payment: In cash on the day or in advance by TWINT: +41 79 847 2501 (please give name and date of event)


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Life wants to express herself through you

Dark Moon & Summer Solstice Gathering

17 June 2023, 14h-18h

This will be a co-facilitated, co-creative heart-opening afternoon where we want to offer a meaningful space to drop in to feel, connect, and come alive together.

The focus is on deep listening and emergence at this Dark Moon-Solstice portal.

On the agenda are Dance and Movement, Sound and Voice, Sharing and Forum / Circling, Rest and Meditation, and Ritual.


  • CHF 40 (low income)
  • CHF 50 (regular)
  • CHF 60 (support)

Payment: On the day in cash or in advance by TWINT: +41 79 847 2501 (please give name and date of event)


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SAMHAIN: Fire Ceremony & Community Gathering

29 October 2023, 17h-19h
in the forest, near Gland / Genolier

As the days grow shorter and the veil between worlds becomes thinner, we invite you to join us for a Samhain gathering beneath the autumn sky. It's a night of enchantment, when the ancient spirits whisper in the wind, and the flames dance with secrets of old.

What to Expect:

Bonfire Magic: Gather around a roaring bonfire, where the warmth of friendship mingles with the crackling embers.

Honouring the Spirits: We'll create a sacred space to honour our ancestors and sacred ones.

Intention Setting: Embrace the transformative power of this night. Set your intentions for the year ahead as we enter the mystical realm of winter.

Drumming & Music: Let the beat of the drums and the melodies of Samhain fill the air. Join in or simply lose yourself in the rhythms of the night.

This Samhain, let's kindle the fire of connection, honour the past, and look to the future with hope and intention.

See you there!

Samhain is the Celtic New Year. We gather to celebrate and give thanks for the great harvest of the year ending, and to welcome the dark season, inviting intimacy within. We also gather to connect our hearts to pray for peace. 

This will be a mixed gathering (not only women) and a co-creation. Children are welcome. Offerings of music, song and poetry, storytelling, prayers, and food are welcome

What to Bring:

  • Warm, cozy attire.
  • Wood for the fire.
  • Drum or musical instrument if you have. 
  • Your favourite autumn treat to share (repas Canadien)
  • An open heart and a willingness to embrace the magic of the season

RSVP: We'd love to know if you can make it! Please let us know by filling in this google form. We will be adding you to a WhatsApp group to manage the logistics ahead of the event. 

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Sensuality is your nature. Love is the source of your art.


Community Guides ... 

Georgina Laiya Peard

Georgina is a facilitator of connection, intimacy and emergence through embodied intelligence and heart-centred ways of being. She's priestess of the Sacred, with deep and subtle sensitivity for the unspoken, and a Celtic streak of wild innocence. She's a passionate Circler, sacred bodyworker and has led retreats, ceremonies and temples for men and women since 2010. She founded Living Sacred Womanhood in 2017, and this community continues to evolve from that.

& Marija Kocijasevic 

Marija is a licensed psychotherapist (European Certificate of Psychotherapy), ICF certified coach and kundalini yoga teacher.  Supporting people and seeing them blooming into their wholeness is her passion. Her commitment is to facilitate more self-awareness among people and accompany them towards a more purposeful, meaningful and joyful life. She is trauma informed in all approaches to her work with clients. Last decade she travelled the world and connected with leading teachers increasing her tool box in the field of mindfulness, embodiment, somatic experience, trauma integration, sexuality, intimacy and relating.