Massage and Bodywork with Georgina

Are you feeling tense, tired and disconnected?
...burnt-out, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? 
...depressed or going through emotional turmoil?
...experiencing insomnia or digestive problems? 

Are you seeking more ease, joy, clarity and meaning in your life?
Are you looking to navigate changes or decisions in life? 

Are you feeling great and wanting to maintain health and vitality?
Are you ready to go deeper on your spiritual path?

A massage supports you to ease out tension, rest, re-connect and get centred in yourself in order to tap into the wisdom, energy, health and natural healing capacity of your body.

It is an opportunity to surrender into deep restorative relaxation.

Healing bodywork can feel like a « reset » when feeling tense and disconnected, allowing you to walk away with a renewed sense of calm and ease.

Each massage is an offering of self-love that brings you « home » to you. 

My integrative therapeutic massage is oil-based, healing bodywork that incorporates physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual elements, as appropriate, in an intuitive journey around the body.

The massage may include different therapeutic techniques such as deep tissue massage, compression, stretching, rocking, sound, aromatherapy and hands-on energy work to stimulate, relieve, relax and balance body, mind and spirit. 

Where relevant I incorporate intuitive, present moment coaching, to accompany you in developing integrated awareness and getting clear on your truth. I may also incorporate shamanic practices to consciously invite the healing power of spirit. 

Each session is adapted to you in the moment.

My purpose is to focus on your joy and optimal wellness (as opposed to your pain). You do not need any 'fixing'. You have the answers. You have the wisdom. You know your truth. 



In all individual sessions I emphasise mutual listening, respect and confidentiality.  They are based on the understanding that patterns of physical tension that we hold in our bodies often mirror emotional and psychological tension or trauma. This in turn can affect our vitality, our health and our interactions with others.

Through awareness, intention and deep rest, we can begin to let go of that which is weighing us down, reconnect with the self to enhance our body’s own healing capacity, and open ourselves to a renewed sense of calm, joy and well-being in our daily lives.

I offer treatments through English and French.