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Wake up to your life. Embody your love. Realise your freedom.

This is intuitive holistic bodywork that offers you the time and space to engage with your body's multi-dimensional wisdom – body, heart, soul and spirit – through conscious touch.

Sacred Bodywork helps
increase self-awareness and acceptance,
• release emotions, pain and suffering,
• support healing old wounds and trauma,
• improve health and vitality,
• create conditions for deep embodied rest and nourishment,
• explore new embodied experiences of safety, ease, love, and aliveness,
• feel more spacious, grounded, clear, inspired, relaxed and at home in yourself.

Sessions may incorporate a range of massage techniques, as well as body talk, breath, movement, sound, and emotional-energetic resourcing. Every session is unique and may be more active or passive.

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Your body is sacred and the portal to your most authentic and fulfilling life.

Sacred Bodywork

Bodywork to help you engage with feelings, emotions, and energy; ‘listening’ to the wisdom and needs of your body, heart, and soul. A variety of massage and bodywork techniques will support you to release tension, balance energy, and activate lifeforce. We can explore creating positive new experiences of safety, freedom and aliveness in your body can allow for healing and nourishment, as well as inspiration to create new ways of living, loving, and relating. At least 2 sessions are recommended.

Recommended for: holistic health, embodiment, emotional distress and healing, spiritual crisis, grief, depression, anxiety, burnout, life changes, trauma, personal growth and empowerment, seeking body wisdom.

120 min – CHF 250

Sensual Awakening

I guide you through a sensual journey with (as appropriate) scents, sounds, breathing techniques, voice, and touch for you to explore letting go and ‘waking up’ to more joy, sensuality, innocence, laughter, and life in your body. We begin by creating an intention and a field of consent and safety to go at a pace that is right for you. This is an empowering experience of healing, self-awareness and expansion. For all genders. Trauma informed. No genital massage.

Recommended for: mild depression, lack of touch, loss of pleasure or ‘joie de vivre’, low libido, fear of intimacy, healing from abuse, releasing emotions, enhancing sensitivity, creativity, health & radiance, self-confidence & self-worth.

120 min – CHF 250

Sexual Healing Bodywork

This is a safe space to release shame, emotions, disconnect or confusion around your body, your genitals, and your sexuality. It’s a personalized support process that can include dialogue, teaching, self-touch, embodiment practices, and / or massage, for you to move through things like body shame, loss of libido, numbness or loss of sensitivity, pain, fear of intimacy and sexuality. This is a journey for you to reclaim and love your body. All genders. 3 sessions minimum.

Recommended for: sexual healing and awareness, health and vitality, disconnect from genitals, anxiety or depression due to disconnect from lifeforce, building self-confidence and self-love, recovery from illness or operation, developing intimacy and sexuality.

Package of 3 x 120 min – CHF 750


"I didn't really know what to expect coming for the first time. Obviously I had a great need to reconnect with my femininity and free my heart from the cage in which it had been imprisoned for a long time. Wise advice and an extremely gentle massage. In the end, a lot of emotions were released and a great inner peace was found. Thank you."


"It was an amazing healing experience. It allowed me to feel love and respect in a deep way. I had totally forgotten how it felt when the heart is that much open and how relieving and good it feels. It also put me in contact with the innocence, the joy, the curiosity and the playfulness of my inner child."


"It was profound, supportive. It truly opened something in me. I felt so full in the best way possible and a very grounded feminine power. Feeling my rage has been so good. It prepared me for everything that happened in my life. I felt confident and in my power! So thank you Georgina, for so openly sharing your magic and supporting me."

"Georgina is for me a "shamantric" woman who is entirely at the mercy of healing. Thank you for your precious accompaniment in a journey on new levels that helped me to heal wounds and to rediscover and take care of my sacred flame within me. In gratitude, I feel empowered!" Martin


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Please note that "Sacred Bodywork Sessions" and "Sacred Bodywork Rituals" are not the same. The difference is in the intention.

Sacred Bodywork Ritual

This is a more advanced form of sacred bodywork and embodied prayer for healing, awakening and manifestation. The recipient is actively involved in moving their own energy and must be able to hold embodied consciousness throughout. At least one prior session of sacred bodywork with me is necessary, and I may suggest a preparatory programme of sessions and practices. More information available on request. 

Recommended for: expanding your emotional-energetic range, emotional release, embodiment and grounding, sexual healing and awareness, raising your vibrations, seeking body wisdom.

3h – CHF 450

"Georgina's work is unique and soul touching...

"Georgina's work is unique and soul touching. She combines different aspects of bodywork, shamanic work and dearmouring into a flow where I can come into touch with my deepest wisdom and inner healer. She opens a sacred space where I can meet myself in a playful way, to open up to deeper levels of embodiment. She holds space with strong presence which allows me to be vulnerable and bring wounds to the surface where they can heal and disappear. When she is in her shamanic flow, I look in the eyes of a witch and hear the sounds of ancient wisdom which resonate with something deep within me. It was not the first and will not be the last session with this wonderful magician.” 




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Complementary insurance cover
I am a registered therapist with ASCA and my massages are reimbursed by certain insurance companies in Switzerland. Please check with your own insurance company.

Cancellation Policy
Out of respect for my time and commitment to you, and for others who could benefit from a session, no shows or bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full. Please advise by phone or SMS if you have to cancel. Thank you.

"A sacred bodywork ritual with Georgina is a true blessing to the body - and to the soul...

"You may have tried all types of bodywork and massage before, but this is something else - a beautiful intimate experience going much deeper. Fully adapted to where you are at, Georgina's presence, magical energy and boundless knowledge and experience, takes you into the journey your body (and soul) needs. As a massage therapist myself, seldom have I encountered such skilful and deep (as deep within your being as you are ready to go) yet soft thoughtful touch, such welcoming and safe space of bliss and for growth. Ever so grateful, I can only recommend it to anyone wishing to connect deeper with their own selves and/or experience a journey of deliciousness and body aligning and awareness. I came in tired and lacking grounding - I came out joyful, awake and both lighter and more rooted. Thank you Georgina.” 


It made me feel very safe to have those agreements ...

"Georgina’s Sacred Bodywork Ritual was like nothing I had tried before. I came at a point in time where I was exhausted mentally and physically having made a big life changing decision. My intention for the session was Connection, to feel connected with myself, my surrounding and the Universe.

Georgina explained how it would or could go and also which options were available. We made agreements on what would be ok and what didn’t feel right at this point in time. It made me feel very safe to have made these agreements beforehand. Georgina very lovingly reconfirmed whether those limits were still valid during the session, again making me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

The session itself was wonderful and special and felt incredibly intuitive as if it was co-created by Georgina’s hands and energy and myself. I didn’t float away like I often do, yet had a very distinct presence during the whole session. This was helped by my intuitive movement and sound as well as the music and of course Georgina’s loving guidance. It felt like Georgina’s work was one with me, not like someone was doing it to me and this was very powerful.

I left connected, energized, centered, peaceful and serene all at one time. ” 


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