Living Sacred Womanhood

Empowering women
to reclaim and reveal their sacred wisdom 
for the benefit of all


We embrace and empower ourselves, in order to embrace and empower each other.


Because a woman in her awakened power is an unapologetic, embodied expression of compassion and creative life force.

She’s connected to the Earth and the cycles of life that flow through her. She draws her worth and her truth from deep within.

Wise and wild, she uplifts, she awakens, she sets free, she commands presence and she accepts nothing less than the most authentic truth through her fierce and vulnerable expression of love.

A woman who dares to look deeply within, to heal her own wounds, to claim her own shadows, to feel her own longing, and to seek sacred union of her own masculine and feminine, has much to share at this time.

Sisters, for so long the wisdom, power and sacredness of woman has been wrapped in shame and secrecy, fear and confusion. 

The old patriarchal mindset has indeed created inside of us a lot of suffering, self-judgement and utter exhaustion! 

And, as Clarissa Pinkola Estes says,

Do not lose heart. We were made for these times."

Yes, we are here to courageously birth something new. Nothing is lost of our sacred essence. Our bodies remember. Our hearts and our wombs guide us home to reveal a deeper knowing of our soul’s purpose and peace within.

Enough searching outside ourselves for answers and role models. Let us dive deep into the core of our longing, to explore what it feels like to live our sacred womanhood, and trace a new path together from embodied wisdom.

How do I live my sacred womanhood every day?

Join a free online circle to explore together what it means to bring these qualities into our daily lives.

If you're interested to know more about the project and experience a circle, we invite you to join one of the virtual Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles - a community connection call that we have once a month. 

During these circles we open sacred space together, create safe space through powerful agreements, and explore what it means in our everyday lives to be "Living Sacred Womanhood".

These calls are led by Georgina and are not recorded.  Georgina will also answer any questions you have about the project, upcoming gatherings and retreats and how to engage in circle. 

All women are welcome, including newcomers interested to join a circle or gathering coming up. 

Dates and Times : 
Wednesday 16 January at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 6 February at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 13 March at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 17 April at 8pm (CET)
Wednesday 8 May at 8pm (CET)


We use ZOOM. I will send the link to login to those who register. You can download Zoom in just a few minutes before we start the call. 

[email protected]

“I call on the next generation of women to be the mothers of the Compassionate Revolution that this century so desperately needs. You have a special role to play in creating a better world.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama


  • A committed and courageous life-long journey of self-discovery, acceptance and love, personal healing, transformation and awakening, for the benefit of all.
  • A way of life that holds sacred all it means to be woman.
  • An invitation to every woman to reclaim her sacredness, her power and her gift of feminine wisdom.
  • A practice of feminine embodiment and life-force activation to promote health and wellness, wise and compassionate living.
  • A community of women nurturing genuine and uplifting sisterhood.
  • A temple, a safe and sacred space, for cultivating and honoring Divine Feminine wisdom through ceremony, ritual, initiation and rites of passage.
  • A sacred union of the divine masculine and divine feminine within.
  • A movement and a call to action for women to come together, to support each other, to stand for what we believe in, and to take action toward a more conscious, compassionate world.

Who are we?

We are daughters, mothers and grandmothers of life on Earth. We are sisters and wives and widows. We are artists and business women, housewives and managers, teachers, leaders and healers. We are warriors, witches and wise women.

Some of us arrive on this path worn-out and wounded, lost, depressed and lacking trust. Some of us carry pain, shame and numbness in our bodies and sexuality as women.

Some of us have long been searching like-hearted, soul sisters to share our journey and ecstatic dance, support our sense of belonging and embodiment, and to lay down the burden of going alone.

Some of us are ready to turn our love, our wounds and our life experiences into service to support a better life for all.

We are women, perfectly imperfect, doing our best, in the name of love.

Welcome sister. Welcome just as you are.

This Path is open to all women, no matter where you are on your journey.


What are we about ?

Through Living Sacred Womanhood we come together to support each woman to feel safe and welcome, to relax and expand into being in her body, to access the power of her feminine wisdom, and to explore her unique expression of this wisdom.

By consciously healing our wounded sisterhood, nurturing the sacredness of womanhood and cultivating divine feminine and masculine wisdom in our everyday lives, we become a powerful movement of midwives and mothers, birthing new, compassionate ways of being and living together. The potential is unlimited.

We offer the merits of our personal journeys and our gatherings for the benefit of all beings.

How to get involved ?


Get Started! 

Make sure you sign up to my mailing list (see home page), enjoy my free gifts, and receive emails roughly twice a month with inspiration, updates and invitations to get more involved. 

Join a free online circle - once a month - to meet other women engaged in the project and discussing what it means to bring sacred womanhood into our daily lives. 

Register for the next Online Community Circle


Join a Yoni Shakti Yoga session! 

Yoni Shakti Yoga is a self-nurturing, self-empowering feminine embodiment and awakening practice leading from the Earth, connecting womb, heart and mind. We explore raising our vital life-force energy through breath, movement, sound and touch (including some crazy fun shaking and dancing!) And we rest deeply into our beautiful inner landscape to listen to the wisdom within.

Check the Calendar for Yoni Shakti Yoga sessions


Join a Women's Wisdom Circle 

Join a series of circles, to experience how it feels to co-create and be held in safe and sacred space, engaging in conscious, heart-centred communication. These are practical and embodied experiences of the dynamics and wisdom of coming together in circle, and the potential of this incredible field for accelerated awakening. You’ll learn a huge amount about yourself, love and conscious compassionate relating.

Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles


Go deeper, wider and higher! 

Once you’ve experienced the power of Circle it becomes an essential practice for awakened living and support to cultivating your full potential. When you are ready to walk this path I offer deep dive group mentoring programmes like Warriors of Compassionthematic retreats and embodied awakening experiences. See you on this journey sister!

Check the Calendar for next opportunities to dive in


Join the Collaborative Community

Taking part in the Women's Circles is a way to experience the field that we are co-creating. If you then feel aligned with this project you may like to join the project's online Facebook group and mailing list for more intimate sharing, inspiration, support and sisterhood. This is a virtual circle and sacred space, where all women are invited to actively engage in co-creating community and project initiatives.

Current Programmes & Events

Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles

Live and Online

Read More

Warriors of Compassion

Next entry to this programme expected for September 2019

Read More

My Temple Body Retreat

29 - 31 March 2019 

Read More

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