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60 to 90 minute massages for men and women in Morges, Switzerland. 

Touch is my language.

With 20 years experience in massage therapy and a large palette of bodywork methods, I provide expert, conscious and heart-centred touch and presence, attuned to your body and your needs on the day.

Release stress, tension and pain, relax, reSource, and reconnect to the natural healing and restorative capacity of your body.

You will walk away with a renewed sense of ease and wellness in Being you.

I also offer my signature holistic healing bodywork and body therapy (120 mins) called Sacred Bodywork - click here for more information.


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Feel great about being you,
being in your body,
and being alive.


Deep Relaxation Massage

Pause for a journey of complete relaxation. I follow the natural pathways and landscape of your physical body and engage sensitively with your unique emotional-energetic reality (i.e. your nervous system and your heart). This supports release of tension and stress, relaxation, rest, and a sense of being home and belonging in your body again. 

Recommended for: health & vitality, self-care and self-love, stress, anxiety, poor sleep, overwhelm, fatigue etc.

60 min - CHF 130 
75 min - CHF 150
90 min – CHF 180

Therapeutic Massage

I use and combine the most appropriate massage techniques (swedish, deep tissue, rocking, stretching, vibration, energy work, breath, etc.) to help you release physical, emotional and energetic tension and pain from your body, create inner spaciousness, flowing and balanced energy. You are supported to access your body’s innate wisdom, vitality, and ease.

Recommended for: aches & pains, rehabilitation,  fatigue, stress and distress, emotional-energetic imbalance, rehabilitation, disconnect from self / body, health & vitality etc.

90 min – CHF 180

Detox & Rebalance Massage 

Adapted to your specific needs and detox process, this massage supports mind and body relaxation, and stimulates circulation and detoxification. It can incorporate dry brushing, lymphatic drainage, energising strokes, energy balancing, foot reflexology, belly and head massage.

Recommended for: during a fast or detox programme, seasonal changes, digital detox, supporting recovery and rehabilitation from fatigue, burnout or a period of stress.

75 min - CHF 150
90 min - CHF 180

Belly, Heart & Head Massage

A combination of physical, visceral massage and energy-based touch to gently support your vital organs, digestion, emotional balance and inner peace.

45 min – CHF 100

Back Massage

A personalized massage using a variety of techniques to relax back muscles and fascia, stimulate circulation, and release accumulated tension from everyday activities.

45 min – CHF 100

Sacred Bodywork 

This is my signature holistic healing bodywork. Sessions are 120 minutes or longer. We explore deeper the mind-body-soul connections, and emotional-energetic experiences. The session may incorporate a variety of body therapy and massage approaches. Read More.

From 120 mins - CHF 250

Read about sacred bodywork

"The massage on Monday of this world. Thank you. You are incredibly gifted... I have no words to express my gratitude. The next day I felt very sensitive, but no sadness, just very sensitive...So I took care of my heart."


"It was a deep relaxing session, that allowed me to get in contact with my soul’s longings and dreams. Your voice and touch has a healing impact in my nervous system, it allows me to deeply relax and trust."


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Complementary insurance cover
I am a registered therapist with ASCA and my massages (massage classique) are reimbursed by certain insurance companies in Switzerland. Please check with your own insurance company.

Cancellation Policy
Out of respect for my time and commitment to you, and for others who could benefit from a session, no shows or bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full. Please advise by phone or SMS if you have to cancel. Thank you.


"Georgina focuses not just on the body but on the mind and spirit as well. She listens and attunes her method to how she finds you, meaning it never feels routine. With her holistic approach, I always leave not only more relaxed but also energised, with an inner glow." This is the reason that have kept coming back over the years.

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