Medicine Walk Ritual for the New Year

As the New Year dawns, perhaps the most important ritual to do is to step into the New Year with a full YES! That is with fully conscious & embodied presence, commitment and intention - the WHY you're going forward. 
A beautiful ritual that we love to do is the Medicine Walk. And it can be super powerful to do this across the Threshold of the New Year. Either on the 31st or on...
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Celebrating our Sacred Blood

On today’s dark moon I celebrate MENSTRUAL BLOOD, mine and that of all women.

At this turning point of the lunar cycle, I acknowledge the gift of the Earth goddess. She who is in touch with Nature, her own WILD NATURE.

For so much of my life as a woman I didn't understand the gifts of my monthly cycle.

I felt shame. I hated the inconvenience and embarrassment of my bleed.

I bought into the...

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Through loving you ...

love sacred feminine Aug 17, 2020

As I sat in front of him, he invited me home to my body, my heart and my soul.

On the eve of my birthday, he invited me to Temple, to celebrate this sacred life in ceremony and ritual. It was the 1 July.

Candles, roses, crystals, symbols on the altar, beautiful cloths ...

In truth the Temple revealed itself through our intentions, our presence and the vibration of our bodies.

As I met his body,...

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Afraid to go beyond your comfort zone? Don’t steal someone else’s shoes


As I woke from a dream this morning, I felt unsettled by the clarity of the message. 

“Don’t try to wear other people’s shoes that are too big for you.” 

In my dream I felt immense disappointment realizing the shoes were too big. I had imagined them fitting like a glove, embracing my feet for the onward journey.

I felt deep shame too, trying to fit into...

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When it all feels TOO MUCH

Re-Sourcing. Womb to Womb. Heart to Heart. Face to Face. With myself. With the Earth. In order to rise again, more deeply rooted, with my aching heart, open to listen and to learn to love.

If, like me, you're feeling overwhelmed at times, it's because IT IS OVERWHELMING!

If, like me, you're feeling like it's too much at times to keep yourself open to feel everything, it's because IT IS TOO...

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Peeking out from the comfort of confinement (part 2)

There is a part of me that has felt comforted by obligatory confinement, and fears coming out.

This part of me is deeply sensitive and is often not seen or heard in a world that rushes by so loudly, even aggressively. This part has often needed to create armour and masks to hide behind, to feel strong enough to go out.

This part fears being judged, rejected, betrayed, humiliated, and abandoned,...

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Peeking out from the comfort of confinement (part 1)

There is a part of me that has been deeply comforted by this obligatory confinement.

A part of me longing for my attention, when all the unnecessary distractions and multitude of demands and choices in the outside world have been removed, and finally we can sit together for some deep quality inner time.

A wonderfully sensual part that is often not valued or cared for when I am busying myself.


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She wakes me from my sleep

sacred feminine May 02, 2020

Nature's beauty and power brings me home to what is real and essential, and wakes me up from my sleepy place where I have forgotten.

Forgotten that I am alive. Forgotten to feel. Forgotten my power.

Forgotten to care for what is here. Forgotten that there is abundance.

Forgotten that life is sacred. Forgotten to be humble and offer my gratitude.

Just like the Yoni (the sacred temple - vulva of a...

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When in need

sacred feminine Apr 28, 2020

As my arms reach out for connection, 
She embraces me.

As my hands open in request, 
She offers.

As my legs shake beneath me, 
She roots me.

As my mind fears uncertainty, 
She reassures me Now.

As my ears seek the answer, 
She whispers in response.

As my nose longs to smell, 
She delivers her fragrance.

As my eyes seek to see, 
She reveals Herself.

As my heart yearns...

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Imbolc Blessings - 1 February

sacred feminine Jan 31, 2020

Imbolc and the blessings of Brigid fall on this day, the 1 February. Its time for Spring cleaning and seeding intentions!! 

May her gentle blessings heal the lands and waters of our Earth, hearts and souls.

May her fire burn through the old ways that no longer serve, and her hearth offer welcoming light and connection in the darkness.

May her promise of Spring bring hope that we...

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